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For Therapists Working with Kids & Teens

This technique focused book weaves together interventions from cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychology. Strategies for integrating magic into the clinical work are also covered. Inside the book you will find specific step-by-step scripts, numerous forms and strategies for responding to resistance and other surprising events. Just click on the book cover to see the table of contents or to read an excerpt.


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For Parents Pressed for Time

How many of us have felt this way? Well, I've devoted years of study and effort to figuring out how to be an effective parent when crushed by time.

In this book I list my top 10 science-based strategies for promoting happiness and resilience in kids. I do this while weaving in humor and stories (reviews are readily available on Amazon).

For those who have already read my book: Thank you! I'd appreciate your review of my book by clicking here. I also have lots of additional free resources on my blog. Just enter what you are looking for in the search box found at www.hecticparents.com


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